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There are several organizations that have assembled interesting and informative websites on, or related to juries. They are quite useful for keeping up with the latest developments in high profile cases, research on juries, and available data.

In June, 2006, following difficulties with jury selection for a capital case in the Federal District for Eastern Massachusetts, a panel was convened to consider revising the way in which federal jury panels are assembled in Massachusetts. This plan is designed, in part, to counter the difficulty in delivering summonses to prospective jurors in poor and immigrant communities, where the population tends to move more often. The goal is to make federal jury panels more representative of the general population. You can read the text of the proposed plan here. (PDF file, opens in a new window)

CNN's Law Page - This page is updated as events transpire. There are in-depth accounts of high profile cases. In addition, there are links to articles and opinions from FindLaw and CourtTV.

The National Center for State Courts has an excellent Center for Jury Studies, where there are articles on jury decision-making,  reports on jury trial innovations, and links to their own studies on subjects like nullification and hung juries.

Many researchers who conduct mock jury experiments publish their results in the journal Judicature. Follow this link for a list of recent articles about jury decision-making.

For a quick list of cases and sources, arranged by topic, you can refer to the syllabi for Professor Schwartz's various classes on juries.

The California Supreme Court has recently approved new plain English jury instructions for civil cases. They have set up a nice website comparing the old and new instructions, and providing a guide to using the new ones.

For those who are interested in the death penalty, Cornell University has established the Capital Jury Project, which has funded many excellent studies of jury decision-making in capital cases. In addition, the Death Penalty Information Center publishes daily updates and provides links to articles and data on capital punishment.


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